Biking - Lake Koronis Recreational Trail

Bring your bicycles, skates or walking sticks along on your visit, and enjoy the Lake Koronis Recreational Trail!

According to the Lake Koronis Regional Trail brochure, this is a safe, non-motorized trail connecting the City of Paynesville with Lake Koronis. Enjoy the beauty of the community and all that nature has to offer. The year long appeal of the trail will attract those of all ages and various fitness levels. Take a look at the trail map.

Whether it’s hiking, biking, jogging, in-line skating, or just a leisurely stroll; take a deep breath, reduce stress, lower your heart rate, and take a long look around at everything Paynesville and the surrounding area has to offer. Be sure to experience the ecological aspects of the region… from the wetlands to the rivers, the carp traps and bogs, wildlife, and plant life. 

Paynesville Veteran's Park, Lake Koronis Regional Park, and a sandy public beach can be found along the trail and will provide you with hours of entertainment.

There are four designated parking areas in which to access the trail. Mile markers will be added from the Glacial Lakes Trail to Old Lake Road allowing you to track your distance.

Bike racks are available to easily secure your bicycles. Please bring your own locks. Safety helmets are required. We ask that you please avoid biking on our sidewalks and hiking trails.