I see that the age ranges for week-long events is 9 to 16 years old. Does this mean campers of these ages will be all together doing the same activities?

No.  As always, campers of many different ages may attend camp during the same week, giving flexibility when scheduling their camp time.  Once they arrive at camp, campers are grouped into living groups based on age and gender.  Campers choose their own activities or “pathways”: from many available options.  All activities are led by trained staff following American Camp Association guidelines.

While most of the camp pathways will be offered to all age ranges, there are some that are set aside for 12- to 16- year-olds only.  So, a 9-year-old’s list of pathway choices would not be the same as the pathway list for a 12- or 16-year-old.  When possible, our staff will create pathway groups with common age ranges, but depending on the overall size of the session, pathways may include broader age ranges.

Campers participate in daily Bible studies and cabin activities with their small, age-specific living group.  All-camp or large-group activities like meals, swimming, campfire worship and evening activities would include all ages.