Red Rock Camp Meeting


Red Rock Camp Meeting,  1890’s


For over 90 years Koronis Ministries (formerly Lake Koronis Assembly Grounds) has hosted countless eager visitors. The formation of the grounds was first approved during the annual Minnesota Evangelical Church conference in 1921. Just a year later LKAG welcomed guests after its first two buildings, the tabernacle and Lakeview dormitory, had been constructed. The grounds, composed of 190 acres of trees, trails, grasslands and lakeshore, are a Minnesota United Methodist Historical Site.

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Year by year History of Koronis Ministries

1921:              14 acres along Lake Koronis are purchased by the Evangelical Church for its assembly grounds

1922:             The Tabernacle and Lakeview Dormitory is erected; first summer assembly held

1936-1937:    Hillside Dormitory is built for $6,216; the white chapel is built for $2,176

1946:             The Evangelical United Brethren Church is formed and continues governance of LKAG

1954:             40 acres for Camp Koronis (children’s summer camping) are purchased for $1,900;
                      the lodge at Camp Koronis is built for $9,300

1960:             Family camping begins at Lake Koronis Assembly Grounds

1963:             The camp's dining room is remodeled

1968:             The United Methodist Church is formed and continues governance of LKAG

1971:             50th anniversary celebration

1974:             LKAG is approved as an accredited site by the American Camping Association

1975:             Retreat Center is built for year-round retreats and conferences

1982:             The Tabernacle is remodeled and the iconic window installed


1985:             LKAG purchases former KOAC land and adjoining property,
                      bringing the total acreage to 200

1997:             75th anniversary celebration

1998:             A new indoor recreation building is constructed

2003:            A new retreat lodge is added, providing 19 more winterized rooms.
                      It is the first new housing built since the Retreat Center

2006:            Lake Koronis Assembly Grounds changes its name to Koronis Conference & Retreat Center


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